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Hello, I am Keith Allen, owner of Hacienda Plumbing Inc. I am a husband and father and my company has been providing professional plumbing services to the Phoenix area for about 25 years. We are family owned and operated and take pride in our workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our Motto: Plumbing With Integrity.


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  •  Hot Water Heater Repairs and Replacement

  •  On Demand Water Heater Installation

  • Reverse Osmosis Filter Installation and Repair

  • Whole House Water Softener Installation

  • Home Water Filtration

  • Gas Line Plumbing Installation and Repair

  • Gas Tankless Water Heater Installation

  • Pipe Installation

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Our Promise to You


Hacienda Plumbing Service has always made sure that all services provided to clients are of excellent and highest standard. We are committed to uphold the company’s goal of delivering only the best experience to our customers and ensure that their plumbing needs not only be fixed, but they also feel that they are in the capable hands of our professionals.

Our clients testify that they have received the best plumbing service and repair. From garbage disposal repair and installation to major bath and kitchen plumbing  remodeling we have the skill and experience. When looking for a plumber in my area look no further.


We charge our clients fairly depending on the services that they require. We know that honest and fair pricing is the way to build and strengthen the trust each customers give us when they call us for help. We understand how it must be frustrating for customers to be charged unreasonably for plumbing repairs that are simple and easy and at the same time how frustrating it would be if they get sloppy jobs done by cheap labor. We at Hacienda Plumbing Service takes pride in charging only the right amount for every job all the time while making sure that we provide only top quality for all our plumbing remodel, installation and repairs.


It is annoying to be in the middle of a plumbing emergency and not get immediate help right away. Hacienda Plumbing Service has dedicated and friendly staff who will be more than happy to assist clients when they call in for their plumbing needs. You will be greeted professionally when you call our phone numbers and our professional plumbers will promptly come to your rescue.


We have been in the industry for around 25 years and we have always been proud of the relationship that we have built with our customers. We are pleased to have built strong and lasting connection with all our clients across Gilbert and the Phoenix area. Our mission from 1995 to this date has not changed and that is to ensure that our customers receive only the best when it comes to their plumbing needs.

Some Of Our Plumbing Services

Hacienda Plumbing Service makes sure that every service we do lasts because we only use top quality plumbing materials but also we make sure the installation is of the highest quality.

Water softeners

Gas Tankless Water Heater Replacement

Gas Tankless Water Heater

Reverse osmosis systems

Water Heaters

When people ask for Plumbers near Me we are there

Bathroom Remodeling - Kitchen Remodeling

Both of these home remodeling jobs require using a skilled and licensed plumber. This work needs to be done right the first time. We have completed so many bath and kitchen remodels and the highlight is always the owners happy face when they see their vision become a reality. We work with our clients to make sure the best plumbing fixtures are used. We work within their home renovation budget and help them make the best choices on plumbing supplies and materials.

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The Importance of Finding A Good Plumber and What They do

Having a problem with your plumbing is one of the most stressful and anxiety inducing issues in a household. Either it’s a simple one like a leak or a complex sewer line replacement job, finding a good plumber is always important to be able to get satisfactory results. We provide accurate plumbing estimates and always make sure we communicate with our clients.


Hiring experienced local plumbers guarantees that you will be getting services from someone who has vast knowledge about his craft. Our plumbing company has been in the business for many years and know the ropes in methodically completing all plumbing jobs. We routinely provide tankless gas water heater installations, plumbing remodeling and all types of plumbing repairs.


Plumbing repairs and plumbing remodels or even a simple water heater repair can sometimes be dangerous and accidents can happen, so make sure to choose a plumbing company that is bonded and insured to prevent any problems should any unlikely mishaps occur. A plumbing service provider with insurance and bonding is one way to tell that you have found a great company that you can trust.

Hire Local Plumbers

Getting help from your local plumber is more advantageous to any client because the chance of hiring someone that has served well in your community is higher. Ask us for a list of past clients to contact for a first hand review of our quality and reliability as a trusted local plumber. Hiring a local plumber who is referred by a friend or family to do a gas line installation or a water heater replacement or bathtub replacement or even a toilet installation is the best way to get service of a great plumber.


Hiring a trained plumber who is a master plumber to do your plumbing needs like  water softener installation, reverse osmosis filter installation, or tankless water heater installation will require that only a skilled and trained personnel handle such jobs to guarantee a polished and high quality result. One way to check that you are getting service from a good plumber is to ask for their past clients. Do not be hesitant to ask this important and crucial information before sealing any deal.

SOME OF OUR Plumbing installations and repairs

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